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The Envirocom Story

The best electronic equipment and problem-solving solutions.

Envirocom, started by Terry Harrell and Glen Gilmore, began comprehensively servicing, installing and repairing electronics equipment in the 80’s. Based in Houston, Texas, these services cover all aspects of security, control and automation for investors both locally and nationwide.

We specialize in unmanned facilities, but our scope of services is very broad. This encompasses all aspects of security and automation including, but not limited to; Consultation and Design, General Contracting, Total Site Automation, 24-Hour Technical Support and Component-Level In-House Circuit board repair. Having repaired all manufacturers’ equipment down to the component-level since the 80’s, Envirocom lends a unique, proven approach to equipment reliability, equipment installation and reliable operation.

Knowing all the intricacies of exactly how every system works from the inside out gives Envirocom the ability to provide the investor a wealth of information available nowhere else. Using our extensive technical resources, we have successfully been able to substantially lower our client’s long-term maintenance cost over the entire life of the facility.

Although a humble company compared to most at the time, Envirocom hit the security and automation scene hard right from the get-go. By the mid 80’s we had begun to draw the attention of different local Houston area investors after some of the innovative commercial work we had done both locally and nationally. 

One of the eyes we caught was that of a young business mogul in the greater Houston area who was building his palatial dream home. He dreamed of, “…a home with a computer brain that implements security and maintenance functions for the whole family,” and knew that Envirocom had just the kind of groundbreaking ideas that could help make this vision a reality. A lot of what was being asked of our company in this project had never been done before by anyone, and that had given our client some issue when it came to even finding a company that would accept the job. However, new challenges only create opportunities for new achievements, and we were up for the challenge. 

In a time when the internet was in its infancy, remotely automating areas such as Security, Access, HVAC monitoring and control, and Lighting control could only be achieved using a phone modem making an install of this magnitude something that needed extra special expert care. Cell phones were still limited and video camera technology was not widely used. Envirocom would need to take a unique approach to things like surveillance since internet video had not yet evolved. We automated every conceivable aspect of our client’s home. From HVAC and lighting to curtains that would open and closed depending on the time of day to a top-of-the-line custom security system equipped with motion sensors, shock sensors with thunder storm shunt detection, glass break sensors all monitored and remotely controlled 24 hours. We even went as far as creating a custom laptop interface that would display remotely a human stick figure on the home’s floorplan that corresponded with whoever was walking about in the home or its surrounding property.

The project received a lot of attention because Envirocom was able to pull off the impossible by incorporating seamless control of all modern home functions with the security and automation needs necessary to monitor and control the home remotely while dial-up internet was still in its infancy and internet video was still a dream. The endeavor was so impressive for its time that it and all its automation features were discussed at length in the January 1991 issue of Ultra magazine. These were only some of the unique solutions Envirocom was able to overcome for its client in this case and continues to do so 30 years later.

We always take a non-biased approach when it comes to selecting the correct electronic equipment to fit a facility’s unique requirements. Our professional technicians are easy to reach, and all our clients are thoroughly briefed on the many current off-the-shelf or custom equipment configurations available. This ensures the site is equipped with the correct system needed to fit the client’s needs and desires, while also providing continued site maintenance with Envirocom’s 24-hour technical support. By utilizing proven, field-tested custom interfacing techniques we deliver our clients a harmonious system that is a breeze to navigate either automatically or with user friendly controls.

Envirocom is a dealer and distributor for all electronics. Clients can send in equipment for a full repair and refurbishment to what is often better than new condition, or we will purchase all the equipment new for a job site and rework, repair and test prior to the install. First we set up all new equipment in our shop to verify initial operation and begin programming and configuration. Once set up, all equipment is then quality controlled to check for and mitigate all manufacturer defects, repaired if any components are defective, updated for long term protection from environmental hazards, burned in over an extended period of time to confirm trouble free user operation. All equipment is stringently tested in our shop prior to the actual installation at the site. These lengthy procedures ensure a smooth installation and yield a system unmatched in reliability without any finger pointing between equipment suppliers and installers. By repairing circuit boards on all installed equipment, Envirocom adopts all positions.

Proper site planning provides a lower long term maintenance budget. Optimized lighting and HVAC control will lower the energy consumption and maintenance cost over the life of a facility. Our full-service electronics staff assures that clients of Envirocom achieve specific automation and integration goals through their decades of combined experience. Our bench technicians diagnose and repair circuit boards down to the component level from all manufacturers and loaner equipment is available in a pinch.

Envirocom also offers remote electronics monitoring and maintenance that eliminates poor system troubleshooting by busy site managers and inexperienced repair companies.


Important Considerations for Unmanned Site Automation

There are a few key areas of consideration when securing and automating a storage facility. Unfortunately, there is not one out of the box automation solution that will fit every facility, and if all these areas are not addressed professionally and properly the site will falter.

One quickly overlooked area that needs to be considered is scrutinizing all equipment possibilities and selecting the correct equipment while initially planning to suit the sites needs and the investors wants. A properly planned site will eliminate surprises during installation and headaches while in operation.

The most important consideration to automation is ensuring the equipment’s reliability before it ever even goes into the field. This means the equipment needs reworked and thoroughly tested directly from the manufacturer at our in-house facility. Our experienced technicians and decades of industry knowledge are why we can afford to offer the best installation warranty in the business.

Even after taking these areas into careful consideration, equipment installation and installation time both need special deliberation. This idea was best summed up by industry veteran John Fogg (General Sales Manager-Sentinel) in an article published June 2002 by Inside Self Storage. ISS quoted John, “Steer clear of inexperienced installers. Installation is critical. Allow enough time at the end of construction, before opening, to have the system put in correctly. It is much easier to get it right before a unit is rented than after the fact.” A poorly executed installation will lead to a facility that is plagued with issues of all sorts for the lifetime of that system.

Through meticulous contemplation, Envirocom enables its clients to save large sums of money by stopping manufacturers and subcontractors from grossly overbilling due to a lack of electronic knowledge. 


Envirocom Installation Warranty

Envirocom extends all manufacturer’s access control equipment warranty from one year to a two-year warranty after we perform our in-house upgrades. Individual Tenant Door Alarms receive a five-year warranty including lightning and power surges. Electronics installation must meet all Envirocom’s specifications for warranty to remain valid.

Envirocom's Electronic Circuit Board Repair

Envirocom warranties all equipment repaired in our repair department for two-years no matter the age or condition of the repaired equipment.