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Ready to See What Envirocom Can Do For You?

Our team can help you choose the correct electronics or custom designed self-diagnosing systems for each application. Best of all, we'll oversee the entire installation.

Envirocom will select and harden the correct equipment necessary for your facility to run seamlessly.

When an unmanned automation system is designed and installed properly every component works together in unison. Individual unit door alarms work in conjunction with surveillance cameras and motion detectors that control a hallway lighting system and gives the user a display of door status, movement, hallway temperatures, etc. all which can be viewed and controlled locally or remotely.

For over 40 years Envirocom has made major developments in the area of field application. After repairing every manufacturers system in the storage industry to component level and installing them in the field we found that any system sold in the storage industry can be engineered to run in a stable, secure manner. Long term stability on large and small electronics installations is our goal.

Working with large companies, individual investors, and access system contractors in Houston and all around the country, our goal is to provide the expertise necessary for a long-term stable site that is virtually maintenance free and has very little downtime due to repairs. Anyone can boast a one-week working system. We like to boast decades-long, lightning-free, very low maintenance cost, stable working systems that have individually alarmed stalls.

The following is a short representation of the equipment manufacturers we represent and security/control options we offer for self-storage facilities:

  • Sentinel
  • MSTC
  • Quickstor
  • Demco
  • Wham
  • PTI
  • Frame
  • Mini Max
  • Digigate
  • Minico
  • Computer Solutions
  • Acorn
  • Access Control
  • Pathway
  • Umbrella
  • Sentex
  • Door King
  • Link
  • Elite
  • Sun Power
  • Pacmaster
  • Site Link
  • Chamberlain / Lift Master

Please take a look at our in-house circuit board repair page for fast, dependable restoration of any electronic equipment. We also repair all access equipment that is no longer supported by the OEM systems such as P.T.I. Falcon Base, Digigate, Property Sentinel 201 and Property Sentinel II 301, 302, 303 standalone bases.

Also, check out our tenant individual door alarm mux board repair and keypad repair pages for more of Envirocoms repair and refurbishment specialty services.