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Our team can help you choose the correct electronics or custom designed self-diagnosing systems for each application. Best of all, we'll oversee the entire installation.

Envirocom hand picks cameras, lenses, NVR and DVRs to meet each client’s unique needs.

Camera equipment technology evolves very quickly. Envirocom is constantly bringing in new camera products to evaluate and keep up with the ever-changing technology. We have found that name brand means nothing. After comparing every camera body manufacturer and numerous controllers on the market, we found the quality of the picture had nothing to do with the name brand.

A camera system is comprised of three parts. The first being the cameras. The type of camera used is dependent on the needs, preferences and budget of the client. Color cameras are very nice during the day but, depending on the quality, need very bright lights at night to work well. Black and white cameras work great at night with low light levels, but often do not give as detailed of a picture during the day. Today’s color cameras perform well, day or night.

The second part of the camera system is the control equipment. DVRs and NVRs with special software and connection ports allow a network of up to 128 cameras to be routed through them. The video information is stored on the hard drive, can be viewed remotely and viewed on the monitors in the main office. These boxes provide tremendous flexibility for the user. All cameras are recording constantly via digital compression. The playback is very clear and able to be modified to enhance the picture for viewing. What really sets the DVRs and NVRs apart is the ability of the PC to be networked throughout the complex and over the internet.

The third part of any camera system is the viewing media. After installations in numbers approaching the thousands, we have found that bigger is better. Planning the office is the key to success. Make sure there is enough room to get a large display media, maybe 3 or 4. This not only aids in site security and surveillance but is also a very good marketing tool.

Password levels can be established to allow tenants to watch their area at any time from the facilities webpage. The owner or manager can, of course, check out the facility from afar as well. This has proven invaluable for unmanned facilities.

A good camera system actually pays for itself over time. Rarely will a tenant admit he smashed a gate or drove into a building, but a good picture proves liability without a doubt.

Once again, the most important stage of a good camera system is the planning stage.