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Ready to See What Envirocom Can Do For You?

Our team can help you choose the correct electronics or custom designed self-diagnosing systems for each application. Best of all, we'll oversee the entire installation.

Our in house circuit board repair is the best in the business.

Envircom’s staff of electronic technicians has 32 years of storage industry electronics repair experience on equipment offered from all manufacturers. We provide our clients with a knowledgeable resource that no one system manufacturer is capable of.

We offer clients a full service electronics company that affords them an innovative composite approach to electronic equipment repair. Our belief is that all systems can be made stable, which ultimately lowers maintenance budget costs by eliminating repeat repairs. We have been the leader in access and security system refurbishment to component level since 1989. Our skilled staff is able to replace any bad components on any damaged circuit board and bring the equipment up to our strict standards. These standards include:

  • Quality assurance
  • Protecting the circuit board from long term environmental hazards
  • Performing all the latest modifications and upgrades
  • Lightning modifications
  • Special modifications engineered in house

These procedures have proven to provide our users with the most reliable security and automation systems in the industry and has enabled Envirocom to attach an extended warranty on equipment professionally repaired in-house to two years no matter the age or condition of the equipment.

Envirocom offers 24-hour technical phone support that provides quick problem-solving solutions to any on site electronic problems with security, cameras, access control, individual tenant door alarms, personal computers, automation control, DVR/NVR and any other issue with electronic equipment. Typically, these services are provided by a group of different contracting companies and will often lead to misdiagnosed problems that can lead to more issues resulting in spending wasted money. Our strategy has been consistently cost effective for our clients troubleshooting needs. Offering these services, Envirocom saves its clients’ money by keeping inexperienced local companies from grossly overbilling due to lack of electronic knowledge. By providing turnkey unmanned automation and security installations, electronic repair and 24/7 phone support, we take the guess work out of supporting your electronics equipment and effectively eliminate disagreements between manufacturers, installers and service personnel.

Envirocom enhances the performance of security and automation systems in use to lower operation, service and maintenance costs while also reducing down time.

The following are some of the different manufacturer’s circuit boards that we repair to component level. They are examples of controllers, keypads, tenants individual door alarm mux boards, relay boards, etc. and include a two year warranty. All systems receive Envirocom’s 24/7 phone tech support.

Access Control 3400
Access Control Crypto Plus
Computer Solutions
Digigate 700
Minico (Touch Code 2000 A)
Minico (Touch Code 2000 B)
Minimax(Micro State)
Mstc Access Equipment
Sentinel PC
Property Sentinel 201 Base
Property Sentinel II 301 & 302
PTI Falcon Base
PTI Falcon XT
PTI Watchamn Base

Envirocom’s in-house circuit board repair is not limited to only repairing the above products. We are always acquiring new product lines to repair. Our company and its staff take pride in providing our customers with not only the very best circuit board repair, but also the best in unmanned automation and electronics integration. This links our users with the very best electronic equipment and even better problem-solving solutions.