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Individual tenant door alarm systems on Self Storage Facilities have become our standard.

Individual tenant door alarms are required for unmanned self storage facilities and should be standard on any site. The problem with tenant door alarm systems is that they become less dependable over time. Many situations bring about intermittencies, but one of the most prevalent issues has to do with the switches being used to signal a warning to the system. Using the proven and patented Trackit roll-up door switch makes the installation easy and very reliable over the life of the facility.

Envirocom doesn’t believe in giving its clients the run around on equipment and installations. Whatever equipment is correct and of high enough quality for our client’s job sites are the equipment that the facility will receive. We hold no allegiance with any one manufacturer and if satisfactory equipment is not available, we will make our own in order to achieve the results needed.

Envirocom’s co-founders have put decades of effort into trying to get the word out on equipment that is popular within the industry because of its low cost or brand advertising but is often easily defeated and the root cause of many lingering site issues and false alarms. Too many sites abandon their tenant individual door alarms within the first year of operation because of abundant false alarms or equipment that just wasn’t well thought out.

As far back as 2006 Gilmore was quoted in the May issue of Mini Storage Messenger about key components a facility needs in order to prevent incidents with theft and break-in saying, “All systems can be defeated, it’s just to what level. Do you have to haul in an electric saw and make a lot of noise, or can you just pull a piece of metal out of your pocket.” Envircom’s individual unit door alarm installs use the proven and patented Trackit roll up door switch system. This effectively makes it an impossibility for an intruder to defeat the security system and enter a tenant’s unit or building on site by simply sliding a piece of metal into the door latch without sounding an alarm and automatically notifying those necessary.

The early 2000s saw the beginning of the rise of wireless networked technology and this, again, presented clients across the self storage industry with a whole new set of questions and misinformation. Although wireless is convenient and easy to install across an entire jobsite, it did present several obvious reliability issues, but in that same 2006 article Gilmore was quoted again informing the industry, “…hard-wired systems are still more reliable overall if properly installed.” More than 15 years later and with all the major advances made in wireless technology this still holds true. The emphasis is on the installation.

In the August 2014 issue of Mini Storage Messenger, Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell had this to say about Envirocom’s innovation: “Once upon a time, roll-up doors were especially difficult to arm as there wasn’t a unit made specifically for the roll-up door. Glen Gilmore…developed and patented the Trackit roll-up door switch made specifically for roll-up doors…”, and would continue on to later say, “At first the switch only had one function: to disable or enable an alarm. It now performs three functions including turning on the light when the door goes up and turning them back off when the door is closed. And it can also be installed on climate-controlled units, disabling the air when the door is up and turning it back on when closed.” Once again, if we are not satisfied with the quality and durability of what equipment is on the market we will make our own to fill that void.

It would be easy to hear all of this and think that such a comprehensive system would be astronomically expensive to design and install. However, the long-term durability and ease of installation combined with our decades of experience and industry knowledge end up making things cheaper not only up front but over the lifetime of the facility, and Fivecoat-Campbell would say that Envirocom’s, “…security setups, like most technologies, has become very affordable for even the smallest facilities.”

Envirocom has the decades of experience necessary to professionally see any site through from conception to completion and beyond. We take pride in getting investors the best equipment for their site even if that means thinking outside the box on a fully custom unmanned automation install and we have the knowledge to do it.

Once again, planning is the key to success. Research into the brand of equipment is very important. Envirocom has had experience with every known access control and tenant door alarm system in the self storage industry. The custom design, professional installation and expert repair of the systems to component level gives us quite an edge over our competition. Through our high level of experience, we are able to pass that edge on to our clients.

Many other factors come into play to make a very reliable door alarm system. The equipment can be made solid by carefully inspecting and reworking circuit board components, engineering changes, and specific installation techniques.

For nearly 30 years Envirocom has installed unmanned high end remotely monitored door alarm systems that has proven these techniques to be valid.

Improve any system with the Trackit rollup door switch.