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Automation is the automatic control of a facility by unmanned electronic systems that seamlessly control the security, energy consumption, management and much more.

When an unmanned automation system is designed and installed properly every component works together in unison. Individual unit door alarms work in conjunction with surveillance cameras and motion detectors that control a hallway lighting system and give the user a site graphics display of door status, movement, hallway temperatures, etc. all which can be viewed and controlled locally or remotely.

Below are some security/control options for self-storage facilities.

1. Access/Individual Tenant Door Alarms

A storage facility can match its access keypads to a tenant’s individual door alarm. Envirocom’s unmanned automation installations are stand-alone, cloud-based units that remain in the main office with keypads that control access to the gates, doors or any other entry/exit points necessary. Access to the tenant’s individual unit is controlled by the keypads that are joined with individual unit door alarms using the patented Trackit roll-up door switch sets on all unit doors.

Using this specific configuration, the tenant pulls up to the gate in their vehicle and enters their individual access code on the keypad to open the gate to access the facility. This not only opens the gate, but also simultaneously disarms the tenant’s unit door alarm all in one step. Next, on multi-floor facilities, the tenant enters their individual access code on the keypad located in the elevator car – restricting their access strictly to the floor that the tenant’s unit is located on. Once the tenant opens the door to their unit the surveillance camera in that area concurrently takes a photo that is archived for later viewing. When the tenant is finished and the door to the unit is closed, the tenant can then enter their individual access code on the exit keypad located at the exit gate. This will not only open the gate for the tenant to exit, but also re-arm the alarm for the tenant’s unit at the same time. This is only one of the many possible access/alarm configurations.

2. Site Graphics

The unit site plan graphics are displayed in the main office on a display screen that is continuously scanning the site plan and shows the door status of all units on the property. Also displayed is the activity status of all climate-controlled buildings, entry/exit doors, lighting status and hall activity including real time temperature and humidity. This is only a fraction of the automation functions displayed and performed by Envirocom’s custom unmanned automation systems.

3. Office/Storage and Apartment/Building Alarm System

Using the alarm keypad located in the office or apartment on site the entire facility can be fully controlled and armed to signal a warning if an intruder opens any of the doors to the office, apartment or any entry/exit door to climate-controlled hallways. An audible warning can also be set after hours that will sound if any roll-up door or hallway activity is detected.

As far back as 2006 Gilmore was quoted in the May issue of Mini Storage Messenger saying, “All systems can be defeated, it’s just to what level. Do you have to haul in an electric saw and make a lot of noise, or can you just pull a piece of metal out of your pocket.” Envircom’s individual unit door alarm installs use the proven and patented Trackit roll up door switch system. This effectively makes it an impossibility for an intruder to defeat the security system and enter a tenants unit or building on site by simply sliding a piece of metal into the door latch without sounding an alarm and automatically notifying those necessary.

4. Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

Our clients sites wet pipe fire sprinkler system is monitored 24-hours a day for water line pressure loss. Should a fire begin, the heat will activate the nearest sprinkler head and begin dumping the pressurized water that is stored in the pipes. The water pressure will instantly begin to drop and, since the system continuously monitors this status, it causes an audible warning to sound. The unmanned automation system will change its status to fire alarm and will automatically dial out to the monitoring company confirming the loss of water pressure so the correct steps can be taken to quickly address the emergency and minimize potential damage to the facility and property.

5. Lighting Control System

Using wall timers to activate the lights in climate-controlled hallways or an individual storage unit is extremely energy-inefficient and costly. The lights will often remain on for extended periods of time while no one is even present.

In the early 2000s, Envirocom developed an energy-efficient, self-diagnosing lighting control system that directly controls the lights instead of using wall timers. The instant a door to one of the climate-controlled hallways starts to open, the lights located in that area come on and stay on for a programmed length of time that is easily adjusted should there ever be a need. Continued motion while the tenant is inside the hallway will cause the lights to remain on without hassle.

In 2007 Envirocom began to install a patented, revolutionary stall lighting system covered by 9 US patents. Using the patented system, the tenant’s storage unit lights come on when the roll-up door is opened and shut off when the door is rolled down completely. The patented storage unit lighting control system constantly runs a self-diagnostic to make the lighting system incredibly dependable and virtually maintenance-free.

6. Camera Surveillance System

Camera surveillance and video record are powerful tools for tenant security and property liability. Our unmanned automation systems use a network of up to 128 auto-iris, auto-focus digital cameras that are viewed remotely or via large media display on site. The cameras are routed to a DVR or NVR that maintains a 24-hour time stamp for each camera to store the video data. When a tenant door is opened, the surveillance camera in that area will take a photo of the activity and log the photo to be viewed on the facilities website later. These steps help to ensure proper liability for all properties if ever necessary.

7. Temperature Monitoring and Control

Sites with custom automation systems electronically hardened and installed by Envirocom have a security wall in the reception area that displays all crucial site information and statuses. Along with that wealth of data displayed are the temperatures and humidity for all climate-controlled buildings, outside ambient air temperature/humidity and any special area temperature/humidity such as wine storage. Should the temperature or humidity in any area fluctuate beyond a reasonable level, an email is sent to site personnel and the monitoring company is notified. Audible alerts can also be set up to notify managers in the main office or off site personnel so the issue can be resolved quickly.

8. Music in the Halls and Reception Area

Background music in the reception area and climate-controlled hallways provide the tenants a pleasant mood while on the property. The receiver can either be tuned to a local station or fed with an auxiliary source. All the volume and tuning can be controlled remotely or in the main office.

9. Intercom System

An intercom system helps the tenants or site personnel communicate back to the main office. Normally, an intercom system is installed at all elevator and keypad locations, however, if the project is particularly large more stations can be equipped across the site. These intercoms will allow the tenant to communicate with the management in the main office during business hours, and an after-hour intercom station can be programmed to dial out to a phone message service or cell phone.

10. Magnetic Door Hold Open Devices

Air conditioning consumes a lot of energy and is very expensive. In an attempt to prevent tenants from propping the doors to the climate-controlled hallways open for long periods of time, a magnetic hold open device can be installed to hold the door open for a programmed length of time. This equipment makes it very easy for the tenant to magnetically hold the door open and not prop the door open. If a defiant tenant does prop the door open, the site managers get an alert in the main office indicating which door has been propped open for an extended period of time so it can be addressed. The electronic door hold open magnet can also be released from the main office or remotely if necessary.

Anything is possible as long as it is planned for.

“Try not to get caught up in the General Contractor’s frame of mind. A GC only cares about finishing the facility. How solid the electronics are is of no concern to a construction manager” – Glen Gilmore

We offer our clients a broad range of services associated with electronics. A “one-stop shopping” theme adopted by Envirocom’s owners and staff has proven to be innovative and successful. We specialize in custom designing and installing unmanned automation systems. The following procedures are typical for a new installation:

  1. Design according to the client’s specific needs, including:
    • access systems
    • security systems(gate integrated or stand-alone)
    • close circuit camera systems
    • lighting automation for energy management
    • access gate and door layout
    • air-handling automated integration
  2. Equipment specification suited for the design layout during stage 1.
    • This includes lists with prices and delivery dates.
  3. Purchasing, beta testing, reworking, repairing, and programming of the equipment are standard.
    • After expediting all equipment for a specific job, we rework the new equipment and set the equipment up in our repair shop just as it will be set up in the field and test out all the features of the equipment. If a problem does exist, we find it at the repair shop first, not on the job site. This treatment gives the equipment a much longer life expectancy in the field and ensures an easy install.
  4. Custom site installations are done with care and professional expertise.
    • The burn in and proprietary in-house treatments make the installation process quick and virtually trouble-free.
  5. Full support of all the installed products is provided.
    • We often have loaner equipment available so that there is no downtime.

Envirocom takes great pride in serving our clients with superior site automation and the very best in electronics integration. We link our users with premium electronic equipment and premium problem-solving solutions.